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Art Information

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To submit art to our pre-press department, submit your art as:

  • 300 ppi (minimum)
  • vector art
  • RGB format

Art can be raster (an image made up of pixels that cannot be color separated), vector (an image made of lines and shapes that can be color separated and edited), and/or spot color (pixel based or vector artwork that is color separated artwork with each color on it's own page or plate).

If we were pressed to choose our favorite (i.e. best results), we'd say "Vector, please!"

We do not guarantee PMS matches, but if you do need a PMS color, we can get close using a client-specified PMS (Pantone Matching System) color or by giving us a physical swatch to go by.

As all monitors vary in brightness and color, we do not match colors sent via email (or "Just make it sky blue!" over the phone).

Digital art proofs are sent via email at no cost to you!

Please give us an email address with your artwork/PO so we know where to send it.

One change and one additional proof is allowed without charge, but additional proofs are $25.00 (C) per proof.

The pre-press department can create or correct your art at a cost of $100.00 (C) per hour with a 15 minute minimum.

Copy changes require an extra charge as well - $30 (G), so please consult the factory for pricing.

We’re PC here, so CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator are best for vector art: cdr, ai, eps, pdf.

We prefer not to use JPG's, as the quality varies so greatly, but we can use it in a pinch (see "Standards" for ppi).

Any other format will incur art charges as we’ll have to spend art time converting it to something we can print. Consider yourself warned!

The digital process is closest to 4 color process printing.

Though we will try to get close to any PMS colors specified, the color will likely shift. In fact, it may shift slightly in color from reorder to reorder.

Talk with your CS Rep about what you need and we’ll deliver a product that best suits your art.

A Note on Screen Printing:

Unfortunately, screen printing is going the way of the Dodo. It takes longer and we have to start at higher quantities. We recommend moving to our UV or digitally printed badges and plates for speed of production.

Now, that being said, if you really want a screen printed badge, we're happy to do it!

Along with our 11 stock colors, we can whip up Pantone Spot Colors as well, for an extra cost of $30 (G).

The coated (C) Pantone color is our standard, so if you need an uncoated (U) version, please specify.

We definitely need vector art for this process. If you have a bitmap or raster images, conversion charges will apply.

Part of our pricing is based on how your art is submitted. The best way to get it to us is via email: orders@vaultpromos.com.

If the file is large, it can be zipped (compressed) or forwarded to our FTP site (consult the factory for FTP uploading instructions). We also accept art on CD or flash drive.

If you’re going old school and mail us a hard copy, we’ll scan it at a high resolution. At that point it will be raster art (JPG). If you have any questions, please check with the factory.

Accepted name list formats: txt, xls, & doc. Please don’t convert them to outlines or curves (remember that extra art time...).

When sending special fonts:

  • Mac Users: .otf
  • PC Users: .ttf, .otf fonts

When sending names, please send them as a separate file from your art.

Production Information

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Refer to individual product pages for production time.

Production time does not start until we receive your approval of order and proof.

All new orders will receive a free virtual proof.

One (1) revision will be allowed at no cost. In the event the CEO still wants to see his name larger, additional revisions will be charged at 20 bucks a pop. Hey, we have all day.

Trust us, we know rushes are a big part of this industry. If we can accommodate you without an additional charge, we will.

If we can’t, well, we’ll have to talk. Charges may apply.

Consult factory for all rush inquiries.

FedEx/UPS/Truck Line/Mail.

Four dollars handling per box.

A $10.00 (net) fee will be charged on all orders where the location or the shipping method changes on the date of shipment.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - Please consult factory.

Forty bucks, unless screen printed with multiple colors (consult factory).

If order is placed after spec sample, the spec sample fee will be credited.

If an order is approved for production and then canceled, you will be billed for all costs, special material ordered (if applicable) and a cancellation fee of twenty-five dollars.

Deposits - 50% is required on orders of $5000 and over.

Terms - will be established upon submission of your first order.

Due to our quality control policies, it is impossible to guarantee shipping exact quantities on non-personalized items +/- 5%.

Orders shipped less than 10% will be considered complete and billed accordingly.

Up to a 5% overage will also be billed, unless specified on your purchase order.

Prices - we reserve the right to change pricing at any time without notice.

Right to Promotion - we reserve the right to use any item or logo printed by us for display and promotional purposes unless specified in a letter agreement that is signed by both parties.

Note: Artwork and logos shown in this catalog are the sole property of the copyright/trademark holder and are not for sale. Designs are shown only to illustrate basic product and imprint possibilities.

Some items shown may be samples or may have been modified from the original. Fictitious names have been used.

The Badge Vault and Customer Service

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Release programs are available on most personalized products. Order and warehouse your badges at bulk pricing while releasing them in as few as one at a time, as needed.

A release fee of $3.32 (i) on badges (subject to change pending increases in USPS charges) is also pre-paid on every piece being placed into The Vault (plates are $3.89 (i)).

This prepaid fee covers the cost of the custom branded website and all admin tools within, the ability to release as few as one at a time, as well as all future dropshipping charges.

Nothing further is billed after the program is established. We ship U.S. Mail to the fifty states and District of Columbia only.

We also ship UPS and FedEx Express if provided an account number.

We do not ship releases FedEx Ground.

We want to make your experience with Vault is as easy and streamlined as possible.

We know you want the best service, and we strive to make that happen from your first contact with customer service through the delivery of your order.

Thank you for choosing Vault Promotions!